Managing Depression

Winter for many is a hibernating time, January brings new resolutions, or a time of wanting to hide away and snuggle into the comfort of the home, it is easy for depression to hide itself in those circumstances,  if you find yourself with any of the following  symptoms that could be an indication to seek help.

Feeling tired all the time

Loss of energy

Sadness that stays longer than normal

Low self confidence/compassion

no longer gaining enjoyment from the things that used to bring you joy.

Anxiety more frequent

Avoiding people or friends

Feeling helpless/ Hopeless

Sleeping difficulties

loss of appetite or over eating unhealthy foods

Loss of sex drive

Physical aches and pains

Thoughts of suicide or death

Self harm

Experiencing any of the above symptoms for longer than is normal for you could be an indication to seek medical advice

Experiencing more than 3/4 symptoms over a longer time is usually a sign to seek medical advice in the form of a doctor or a therapist, and could be an indicator of depression.

Seeking advice and help from a doctor or therapist is a healthy option.

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