Mental health in the workplace

“Hello, let’s talk about mental health in the workplace.” 

You might not be talking about mental health because this is an uncomfortable subject. However, you, as an employer, can take a few small, simple steps to make the workplace healthier; you may already have some in place. 

Noticing the change in someone’s work habits, 

There are many signs of a person’s mental health changing; as an employer, you may already know that taking care of those employees who may be suffering can significantly reduce absence or, indeed, encourage an earlier work return. Some workers may stay late or arrive earlier than others; this increases the workload and time and can create sick leave. 

Is someone carrying on regardless of their home situation? Encourage breaks and provide supervision in a confidential environment, even for 10 minutes, to understand your employee’s concerns. 

Is someone looking like a loner, and not many people interact with them? Are they the subject of bullying or prefer to be alone? If someone acts out of character or takes more leave than average, they may be the subject of domestic violence. Talk to them and provide a confidential, informal catch-up to see how they cope. 

Have you noticed your habits changing? Supporting colleagues, supervision, or therapy can provide a confidential environment to discuss such issues, enabling a space for your well-being. 

I provide short and long-term therapy for individuals, couples and groups. I also offer mindfulness workshops. The course includes handouts and a podcast in the form of 4 weekly courses for businesses and community groups regarding stress reduction and better work focus, in line with encouraging and improving mental health in the workplace and the home. 

A sample five-minute meditation from the course.