I provide a space for therapists to discuss the client, their issues, transference and counter-transference and how the dynamics of the therapeutic alliance affect the therapy. 

I am part of the travelling community, and the life experience of travelling the world, living and working amongst different cultures, has brought an understanding of individual struggles and group dynamics. 

The Training in Transactional analysis psychotherapy enables a better or different understanding of coping strategies for otherwise unmanaged problems. 

Obtaining a degree and learning about other modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Compassion Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Person-centred therapy enables a more profound insight towards clients’ needs for supervisees. 

Transactional Analysis observes how the past affects the here and now, yet can focus mindfully on the cognitive effects for clients, thus inviting compassion, acceptance and a commitment to healing, encouraging the supervisee to put the client at the heart of the work. 

Transactional Analysis notices and works with the impasse, enabling the discovery of any understanding of complementary transactions that are clues to attunements. 


I have trained in the seven-eyed model of supervision (Peter Hawkins and Aisling McMahon), which focuses on the following: 

  1. The client, who they are, their issue, what they chose to share, which area of their life they wanted to explore, and how this session’s content might relate to previous sessions. 
  1.  The strategies and interventions and the use of metaphors and images. 
  1.  The relationship between the client and the supervisee; how the supervisee’s history affects the therapeutic relationship. 
  1.  The supervisee, the transference and counter-transference that could affect the therapy they provide. 
  1.  The supervisory relationship is the parallel process that may play out during supervision. 6. The supervisor focuses on their process and how the work with the supervisee affects the supervision relationship. 
  1.  Focusing on the broader context, Professional codes of ethics, the context the supervisee works from, the relationship with other agencies or supervisors, social, cultural, and political beliefs, and economic context. 

Individual supervision 

£60 per 60 minutes 

£90 per 90 minutes 

Email requirements to, phone 07928299517, or text to secure a place. 

Supervision is delivered online via the Zoom platform.

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