Relationship Therapy


Welcome; this is the first step towards healing a relationship. 

All relationships, whether you are in a couple, a throuple, solo polyamory, non-hierarchical polyamory, or hierarchical polyamory relationship that has changed therapy, can help with redefining your goals and understanding perceived and realistic expectations, promoting better communication. 


All relationships need Security, validation, acceptance, and self-definition to express love and have that reciprocated. 

Security: Physical and emotional vulnerabilities are protected, honoured and preserved without actual or anticipated danger. 

When communication becomes unmanageable, and silence or heightened emotions are part of everyday life, therapy can help understand the process. 

Validation: To be validated and affirmed as being significant, that thoughts and feelings are important to another, and that someone cares about how things are for us. 

Has the compassion become less than when you first began the relationship? Therapy can help to unfold the confusion. 


Human beings need acceptance by a stable, dependable and protective other. 

There is a need to look up to, rely upon, feel protected, and be encouraged by a reliable significant other or others. Confirmation that personal experiences are meaningful and validated, to be in the presence of someone who understands the differences and similarities. 

If you feel misunderstood or misunderstand your partner’s needs, therapy can help bring about a better understanding. 

 Self-definition: To know and express uniqueness and to receive acceptance. To make an impact on another person, have an influence that affects another positively, making a positive difference in the world of another’s personal life. To have another person initiate, the impetus for making contact comes from the other, someone who reaches out to us. 

As relationships develop and outside hobbies, interests, or work continue, disruption in the interplay or the returning stage can usually occur and is possible to heal. Therapy can help understand the relationship’s ever-changing landscape and find a different outlook. 

Therapy can help to understand your identity and role in the relationship. 

To express love: To have love received by another, express gratitude and affection, do something for someone else, and accept our gifts. 

Are you feeling underappreciated, and the love appears to have disappeared? Therapy can help to find a way forward together. Or to arrive at a mutual understanding. 


When emotions and thinking change towards the relationship, the dynamics can also vary, and addressing this in therapy can ease the way forward with a better understanding to suit everyone. 

 It is possible to begin relationship recovery however far that has broken down; however, therapy can also help with a mutual understanding of the best way forward, helping maintain individuality and compassion. 


Where one partner is in recovery from an addiction, the focus might still be on their past habits and the problems surrounding that. Therapy can help identify and separate the responsibility in a healthier, more understanding and compassionate way. No one person can change another, and leaving addiction can be akin to the loss of a past life, and not everyone is ready for that; in that case, individual therapy can help with taking care of yourself. 


Relationship therapy is presently online. 


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