How psychotherapy can help you. 


The journey towards Psychotherapy began with one step: travelling the world, understanding and experiencing how different cultures provide for mental health. Observing the unique way each person survives and thrives in the world.  

Working as a youth and community worker enabled me to gain insight into family dynamics; continuing on into a healthcare role within the NHS allowed me to gain insight into the struggles individuals and families face during diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care.  

With life experience, training, and knowledge, I aim to support you in reaching your true potential and beginning to face the right direction in your journey of discovery.  

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, or T.A., helps individuals understand their life choices and consider how they have formed the adult individual in the here and now.  

It is easy to find yourself stuck in a thought or action; psychotherapy can help with moving forward and promoting well-being. 

Aims of the therapy  

As a Psychotherapist, I understand how arriving at therapy online, by phone or by e-mailing a person you do not know can seem quite daunting; I aim to help you settle into therapy by providing a comfortable, secure, confidential environment to make that a little easier. 

Psychotherapy is a highly recognised form of talking therapy recommended by the NHS in treating anxiety, depression, grief, and stress and helping clients to reframe their thinking to find better or different coping strategies.

How I deliver therapy online  

As a trained, certified cyber therapist, I can better understand the therapeutic context in the online world. Online therapy provides the presence of a therapist and a confidential environment to discuss issues. Online or phone therapy is known to provide a similar presence to face-to-face therapy. However, if face-to-face is preferable, this is also available.  


Providing brief feedback can help other clients know how therapy can help them; this can be anonymous, using plain wording and how that benefited you as an individual, relationally or as a group.  

Small businesses rely on good feedback. 

Thank you