Reiki Therapy

I am an experienced Reiki therapist of over 20 years who can attune individuals to the Reiki way. 

Reiki practitioner and teacher. I also offer supervision to practitioners. 

Reiki therapy is a sophisticated healing technique that complements the body’s natural healing process, a hands-on approach. 

How is reiki provided; the therapist places hands on the head, shoulders, arms, hips, knees, legs and feet. In turn, there is minimal physical contact; hands gently rest on or above the body; where anyone is uncomfortable with touch, the hands are placed just above the body. 

As the session begins, a warm sensation in and around the body is experienced; this is a relaxing sensation and brings a sense of calm and peace, promoting well-being. Many people tend to fall asleep or talk during treatments; either is okay. 

A Reiki treatment lasts 20 -50 minutes, depending on the client’s need. 

The first session is one of intake of health. I usually send the form via email and discuss any additional needs in the session. The form entails taking a history of ailments and issues that require healing. Information of medical history and disclosure to agree to the treatment and that you understand the treatment is not a replacement for medical intervention or suggested as a cure. 

Head and shoulders treatment usually lasts 15-20 minutes, priced at £25 

A complete body treatment is 50 minutes and priced at £45 

Delivery of Treatments, 

The whole body, with the recipient lying down. 

Head and shoulders with the recipient sitting or lying down. 

Please wear comfortable attire; I provide blankets and pillows to create a relaxed atmosphere for healing. 

Reiki is a complementary therapy; many GPs, Consultants, physicians, therapists and care providers know of its healing properties. Reiki is known to be helpful in palliative care and valuable in the complementary treatment of Parkinson’s and cancer, which is reported to aid in achieving more restful sleep, settling anxiety, and promoting general well-being. 

Reiki can promote healing alongside other treatments; However, if unsure, I recommend speaking to your consultant or doctor before treatment. 


The aftercare recommends avoiding alcohol before and 24 hours after treatment as this tends to reduce the effects. 

To drink an average amount of water and to reduce physical activity. Reiki can induce sleepiness, and it is recommended that you rest from driving or operating machinery immediately afterwards. 

Home visits are available on request for palliative care. 

Payment is 24 hours before the session or in session before treatment begins. 

Reiki brings peace and tranquillity to life’s most challenging times and is a complimentary care provision. 

Contact 07928299517 

Additionally, I teach Reiki meditation techniques to individuals and groups for stress reduction. Reiki meditation is beneficial to many conditions and promotes mental health and well-being. 

Here is a simple guide on how to meditate-( see below); for meditations, follow my podcast: