Qualifications, and experience

Qualifications and experience 

Advanced clinical Trained in Transactional analysis psychotherapy 

Experienced in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues, from general mental health issues to the more complex personality disorders, all of which have something in common , most people begin with  the need to discover how to cope better.

Certified Cyber therapist

Faculty: Dr Kate Anthony FBACP

Trained in the art of: video, phone, chat, e mail, avatar, virtual reality, 2nd life therapy.

mindfulness training  mindfulness  allows a recognition of the self and how to be more present, in psychotherapy terms, how to be more authentic and congruent.

CBT : using C.B,T. can be a great start  to recognise how unhelpful thinking patterns that have become a habit in everyday life and often cause problems

N.H.S experience. The importance of gaining a sense of being  heard by a supportive compassionate person makes all the difference during difficult  times of life.

Drugs and alcohol

An awareness of drugs and the impact on individuals, families and society

Addictions Symposiumobserving conventional and unconventional approaches, how addictions are treated and cared for around the world.

Caring for people with psychosis and personality disorders (future learn, July 2016)  different ways of communicating effects those with specific mental health issues,  more effective communication with carers and family members is important to the client, for coping better in the world.

Family coaching emerging futures 

After a person with an addiction has chosen to be in recovery and maintains a different healthier lifestyle, its easy for the focus to still be on them this way helps family members to choose a different focus and a healthier way forward.