Mental health in the workplace

Hello lets talk about mental health in the workplace”

You might not be talking about it because mental health is still a taboo subject, but there are small simple steps you as an employer can take to make the work place healthier, and some steps you may already have in place.

Noticing the change in someone’s work habits,

There are many signs to a persons mental health changing, and as an employer you may already know that taking care of those employers who may be suffering can greatly reduce absence, or indeed encourage an earlier work return, with support in the form of a talking therapy.

I provide short and long term therapy in the form of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, this sort of therapy looks at the cognitive part of a person, ‘why we do what we do’  as well as the historical part , how the past has effectively produced the adult surviving in the here and now.

I provide mindfulness workshops. in the form of 4 weeks course to businesses and community groups, in  regards to, stress reduction and better work focus, in line with encouraging and improving mental health in the work place, the course includes handouts and podcast

 A sample five minute meditation