Relationship counselling


All couples disagree at some point in the relationship.


Here are a few guides to help decide if therapy is the right step for you..

  1. Have conversations become difficult  with ongoing misunderstandings?
  2. less able to discuss issues effecting the relationship
  3. Avoiding contact, ( This can be a sign of other issues, and often therapy can help define that )
  4. spending less time together or often more in others company, avoiding being alone for fear of arguments.
  5. working later to avoid home
  6.  Trial separation

Communication is key to a healthy relationship,  Being able to discuss how to move forward in an environment that is different from the home often eases tension and, communication becomes more open leading to a better way forward.


Relational recovery    Finding support where one partner has had a alcohol and/or drug issue,

When a family member is in recovery, the focus can still be on their addiction and the past problems that created, therapy can help with separating out the responsibility focusing on the family unit in a healthier way.


Therapy intervention is a healthier forward for many relationships.

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