Relationship counselling


All couples disagree at some time in their relationship, when this is delivered with less care and more anger therapy can be of great support in finding each other again.

Have conversations become difficult  with ongoing misunderstandings, and less able to talk through the issues effecting each other? a therapist can be  an impartial person to listen and help you both find a way through.

How people interact when meeting up after a time away from each other can be so important in regards to knowing when the other is in need of support, when this is not considered or done can quite often  lead to communication breakdown and emotions can run high with misunderstandings and defenses being acted out, this can be solved by the guidance of a therapist learning about each others attachment style in a relational way.

Being in a different environment other than the home often eases tension  and communication becomes more open leading to a better way for a healthier relationship, This is the aim of relational therapy


Find your shared and separate boundaries.

Become stronger and more connected as a couple.

learning about each other’s vulnerabilities and how and when to offer support can be important to communication.


Relational recovery    Finding support where one partner has had  a alcohol or drug issue, can often mean, when the person who has, had the addiction is getting well the focus can still often be on them and their problems, therapy can help with separating out the responsibility and working towards a healthier relationship, often easing the pressure.


Therapy intervention is a healthier forward for many relationships.




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