Reiki Therapy

I am an experienced Reiki therapist of over 20 years providing attunements for Reiki 1, II, III Master level and teacher. I also provide supervision to practitioners.

Reiki therapy is a sophisticated healing technique that is designed to compliment the body’s natural healing process

Reiki is a hands on technique where the therapist places hands on the, head, shoulders, arms, hips, knees, legs and feet in turn. Where an individual is not comfortable with touch the hands can be placed just above the body.

The individual will feel a warm sensation in and around the body, this is a relaxing sensation and brings a sense of calm and peace promoting well being.

A reiki treatment lasts for 20 -50 minutes depending on the need of the client.

Head and shoulders is normally around 15-20 minutes and is priced at £30

A full body treatment is 50 minutes and is priced at £45

Treatments are provided laying or sitting which ever is preferred and unlike massage is provided in normal attire I generally recommend comfortable clothing.

After care

The after care is recommend that alcohol is avoided.

Single treatments can bring short term relief to minor injuries and is particularly helpful in palliative care.

Home visits are available on request.

Payment is required 24 hours before the session or in session before treatment begins.

Reiki brings peace and tranquillity to the most difficult times of life and can also be used as part of self care management of mental health issues

I provide Reiki meditation one to one or group to enable the learner or the well practiced meditator to gain a deeper understanding of their journey.