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Training, qualifications & experience

Advanced Clinical Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Experienced in the treatment of general mental health issues to the more complex personality disorders, all of which have something in common, most people begin with the need to discover how to cope better. Clinical competency, 2011 Qualified Diploma.  Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy 2013

N.H.S experience. The importance of being heard by a supportive compassionate person makes all the difference during difficult times of life. 2006-2008

Reiki practitioner/ teacher/master  Experienced in energy healing and guided meditations for the well being of mind, body, and spirit. 2003

Youth and community  Experienced working with individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences. supporting people with positive lifestyle changes. Every human being has a need to be respected and supported through difficult times, 2003

mindfulness training, mindfulness allows a recognition of the self and how to be more present, in psychotherapy terms, how to be more authentic and congruent. 2015


Family coaching emerging futures Coaching family members to chose and maintain goals. After a person with an addiction has chosen to be in recovery and maintains a different healthier lifestyle, its easy for the focus to still be on them, this way helps family members to choose a different focus and a healthier way forward.2016

Transgender awareness day Information regarding the transition stage, practical awareness, and insight into how that decision effects and changes lives promoting inclusion. 2016

Online Therapy Training (online therapy Institute Europe ltd) Dr. Kate Anthony Fbacp September  Experience in the art of online therapy, Text, Chat, Email, video link Virtual life, Avatar,2nd life 2018

2019-2021 Therapeutic approaches in cognitive-behavioural therapies BSC Hons University of Derby