About me

Life experience of living within different communities around the world has captured my curiosity,  together with my  journey through life and training as a T.A. Psychotherapist,  and this has enabled an understanding  and empathy of another.

We all have our way of seeing and experiencing life and the world, yet we have similarities that bind us as humans. Therapy I see as a place where, differences and similarity can be understood, accepted and respected. The therapy process of raising awareness, enabling clients to gain an understanding and clarity of their internal world, this can be an empowering experience.

I offer a private, safe, confidential environment, where you can begin to find solutions to problems that may otherwise feel unmanageable. For many people being able to talk to someone who is not involved in their everyday life helps with finding different ways to cope, and quite often having an impartial person to talk to can make a significant difference.