Anxiety calming

I hear so many people want to ‘get rid of anxiety’, as if its something  you can get rid of, like its bought from a shop, instead of, something that people learn to do.

Avoiding the lion attack.

Getting rid of anxiety would mean we have no fight and flight mode, and this is very important for keeping us safe in an emergency, if the emergency is real or we need to swop quickly from one thing to another, as a case of life or death, in that  moment the brain is very efficient.

If there is no emergency then its time to learn to calm the brain.

How to do that.

By recognizing triggers and acknowledging that anxiety would defiantly save you from a dangerous situation; ‘a lion attack’, and realizing, that,this  is not happening now, this then  begins the journey of calming the part of the brain that is constantly on hyper alert , the part that is always ready for danger, by acknowledging that has happened, and learning to be more in the moment and calming the breath, you can begin to be less in a hyper state of awareness and more in a state of calm.

A more effective way than worrying how to get rid of that, or why it wont stop.

Psychotherapy can help with seeing why that happens and help to find where the anxiety came from, and in many ways can be of great benefit in easing the constant cycle of creating the fight and flight.

Lets learn to relax

Take a moment now to Focus in on the breath. Take a moment to be aware of the breath to be in the moment, not to control the breath by deep breathing, just to be aware of how that is, focusing on the breath can help to ease the anxiety by simply becoming focus on something else, like the breath, if you need to take one or two deep breaths do this now before focusing again and noticing this is what has happened before gently coming back to the breath, do this for 1 minute if you can, using this technique and expanding the time to 5 minutes each time you need this will help to focus the mind more  and be less focused on preparing for danger,

what we practice we get better at at.

One way to become easier in recognizing this is taking time each day to be in the moment to recognize where those wandering thoughts take you and to come back to that moment you are in , not beating yourself up by telling yourself off for not being able to do this efficiently, just by simply recognizing that is what has happened, making this easier to do, when anxiety happens in social situations or when out shopping or waking in the night.

Bringing the focus to the breath may take some time yet spending time building the fight and flight mode is how anxiety develops and practicing focusing the mind on the breath will produce better soothing results.

Sandra Williams