As the seasons change I am drawn to thoughts of how change effects people For some change is a natural process of life and they warm to this going with the changes of life with ease and comfort.

There are those who would avoid any thought of change, yet go with this reluctantly after a time of discomfort realising they cannot fight the changes happenings in their life.

For many change is somthing they hide from at all costs and they will do anything to remain in the comfort of familiarity, where many aspects of life are effected and often continue in an unhealthy life pattern until such time as change is the only way forward, although for some this never happens and resisting change is a constant fight.

For some begining therapy can be a process of gaining support through difficult times, and in turn gaining a realisation that therapy is allowing them to deal with issues they would normally push to one side or cope with alone, evoking this kind of thinking moves a person naturally into the process of change, where a healthier way can be found.