my vision

Encouraging the empowerment of others, by raising awareness within the therapy process, enabling clients to gain an understanding of their world and clarity within that, knowing a part of their identity can be joy and harmony.

I provide a private, safe, confidential environment, where you can begin to find solutions to problems that may otherwise feel unmanageable. For many people being able to talk to someone who is not involved in their everyday life can help with finding different ways to cope.

You no longer need to do this alone.

my work with clients is  from a Transactional analysis approach that says

we all have a right to be in the world and be accepted

People are OK;  each person has  validity, importance, equality of respect

Everyone, with only few exceptions, such as the severely brain-damaged, has the capacity to think and make changes.

People come to therapy for many reasons often with the knowledge that they need an impartial person to talk to.

Here are a few of the issues i work with



General Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Work related stress


Returning to work after recent sick leave

Relationship issues

Childhood related issues

Sudden life changes

Addiction recovery

Identity issues

 not a conclusive list

Believing in yourself, and your ability to overcome problems / life challenges,  has a profound effect on mental health and well being.

I offer a LGBT+ friendly service 

Contact Sandra 07928299517


Therapy will still continue online via zoom, or phone, with no option for attending face to face at present

 Email therapy is via a secure encrypted Hush mail account that will be given on request and contract of therapy, an initial phone call is usual before this can commence

Short and long term sessions available

sessions are usually weekly

Membership details

B.A.C.P ( British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists). 743618

U.K.A.T.A. ( United Kingdom for Transactional Analysis Psychotherapists) 3536

Tower gate professional indemnity insurance (HIPPA)

GDPR compliant